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For the last ten years, we have worked in rural communities in east Uganda.  Amayinja Crafts became one of our projects.  Initially to empower women and to create a market for their products abroad.


Today, Amayinja Crafts has become a creative outlet, not only for the women and men in Uganda, but more so for ourselves , whether through fashionable jewelry, knitwear or other trendy things like shoes or bags.  There are products with an African touch, and moreover with our own, personal,  touch.   Upscaling and recycling and making our own glass beads are our favorites.


Amayinja Crafts is inseperably connected to Egoli Africa.  We love to create with our hands, but we also love to create a future for others.  Buy an Amayinja Crafts product and it gives space to create new things, but it also adds to us being able to pay schooling for a group of children, teenagers and young men and women in Uganda.   It helps us to care for Samuel, who totally depends on us.  It helps to assist Natashas and Favors dad, who is not able to buy even the simple things like shoes, clothes, toiletpaper and toothpaste for his daughters.  It helps us to look after Rachel, who lost her dad this October (2017).  And it helps us to make sure Godfrey can become a car mechanic and Woira to be a teacher.


Esther Haaisma

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