Farm Stew workshops


Farm Stew gives great workshops about good and healthy nutrition, eradicating hunger and keeping good hygiene.


Farm Stew cooks a healthy meal with the group and teaches the group to use locally available and affordable herbs and vegetables.   Farm Stew teaches the group new things as well such as how to make soy milk from soy beans and how to make tofu.

Farm Stew is the recipe for an abundant life.  We love their passion and how they give people new insights.


Buying Amayinja Crafts products helps us to have Farm Stew conduct workshops in Kisozi.


Goats project

We run a goats project for the elderly in Kisozi.


Many of our elderly people in Kisozi live in poverty and their circumstances are extremely difficult.


We teach the elderly how a goat can become a source of income and guide them on the path to improve their basic needs.


Buying an Amayinja Crafts product helps us to make the circle of elderly people participating in this project grow.  It helps us to buy new goats for the elderly in this project.




We run a small scale sponsorship program.

Most of our primary school children who are part of our sponsorship program don’t have a sponsor.


Buying an Amayinja Crafts product means that we are able to pay school fees for our children: Alex Mukaire, Joan Tibenda, Agnes Favor, Natasha Mukyala and Saniya Nalugonda.


Trendy Sandals


The training making Trendy Sandals is new at our vocational training center in Kisozi.


The first group of more than 20 young people has been trained.  We have a big group of enthusiastic people who are capable of making the most trendy sandals.


However, it is hard for the new shoe makers to start their new profession because they are mostly not capable to buy their first materials.  Buying an Amayinja Crafts products means that we are able to give the new sandal makers their mateirals to start their new profession.


Tailoring lessons


Tailoring lessons are popular at the vocational training center in Kisozi.  The lessons are so popular that the number of the participants keep growing.

With the number of participants growing, it means we are running short of materials and sewing machines.


Buying an Amayinja Crafts product means that we are able to buy new sewing machines, maintain and repair our machines and buy new materials (cloths, threads etc).