Samuel Kiirya


Samuel has just finished his P7 PLE exams at Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary school in Kameke.  P7 is the last class of primary school.  His school results are excellents, he is among the best pupils in class.  Sam is 13 years old. In February 2019, Samuel will go to secondary school.


Samuel has been supported fully by Egoli Africa for a number of years now. Where we only pay school fees, school materials and transport for other children or students, Samuel completely depends on us. Samuel has had no contact with his parents for a number of years. They were completely out of the picture because of certain bad events that occurred in their lives. Recently, after a long search, we have been  able to bring Samuel into contact with his mother, but it is clear that she can not take care of or support Samuel. We do, however, find it important to stimulate contact between Samuel and his mother from now on.


Natasha Mukyala en Agnes Favor


Natasha Mukyala and Agnes Favor are two sisters.


They come from Kisozi and go to Glory Junior primary school in Kisozi. Favor is in p1 and Natasha is in p3.


The situation at home is very fragile: they live with their grandparents and a number of other brothers and sisters. Mother has been absent for an unknown number of years, father is serving a prison sentence of two years and Favor and Natasha are the only two children in this family that go to school.


The grandparents find it very difficult to support their  granddaughters with personal necessities, such as clothes, socks, shoes and things that children have to take to school: books, toilet paper, a broom.


We think it is important that the two sisters can go to school together and that schooling means their way out of the fragile circumstances they live in.

Juliet Mbwali • Amayinja Crafts

Juliet Mbwali


Juliet Mbwali goes to secondary school.


Her performance at school is good: her grades are excellent. Juliet has a 4 year old daughter and has not been to school for a while.


She has the ambition to successfully complete her school education.


We find it important that girls like Juliet can finish their studies and can be independent later on to sustain her own daughter.


Juliet is currently going to Jinja Progressive secondary school in Jinja.

Joan Tibenda • Amayinja Crafts
Alex Mukaire • Amayinja Crafts

Joan Tibenda en Alex Mukaire


Joan and Alex are each others sister and brother.  What’s more, they are also a sister and brother to Juliet.  They come from Kisozi, a rural village.


Both of them go to Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary school.


Joan and Alex come from a large family with 9 children.  We would like to see them finish primary school.

Saniya Namugonda • Amayinja Crafts

Saniya Namugonda


Saniya comes from Kisozi and is in p7 of Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary school at the moment.


Saniya lives with her mother and other brothers and sisters.


Saniya has grown tremendously the past few years: from a timid girl with weak results she has grown to a happy person with good results and eager to continue going to school.


Next year, Saniya will have to go to secondary school.  We would like to continue support for her.