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  • Papercraft Uganda

    Papercraft Uganda makes the greatest products: recycled glass and paper products and handmade, natural soaps. At times we may have Papercfraft Uganda products.

  • DAPU

    Arts Ability Uganda, a Jinja based group of artists. We value their work.

  • Esther Erwachu

    Esther Erwachu, craftswoman from Jinja. Makes beads, bags, jewelry and other accessories.

  • Initiative Uganda

    Initiative Uganda is an Iganga based ngo whose women's group make a range of products such as reusable pads, bags and baskets

  • Jinja women's groups

    We buy our crafts from different women's groups from Kakindu and Masese in Jinja.

  • Sandal makers Egoli Africa

    Our sandal makers from Kisozi make the trendiest, leather sandals.

  • Esther Haaisma

    Esther Haaisma, founder of Egoli Africa and Amayinja Crafts, beader and crocheter.

  • Tailors Egoli Africa

    Our tailors in Kisozi can make a range of colourful, Kitenge accessories.

  • Fred Batale

    Fred Batale, artist from Jinja. Founder of DAPU. Inspiration, working together on Worldschool matters, we value his work as an individual and with DAPU.

  • Revelation Children's Ministries

    Revelation Children's Ministries is a Jinja based ngo offering a wide range of products such as reusable pads, bags, beads, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

  • Kitenge wax cloth

    We buy our Kitenge wax cloth from different small retailers in Jinja.

  • Creation Africa

    Creation Africa: colleagues in East Uganda, you will find us together at the Markt van Hoop in the Netherlands with jewelry and bags by women's groups from Jinja.